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Georgina Price College of Beauty Therapy

Teen Make up Bootcamp

Teen Make up Bootcamp

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Wanna slay?
3 day course, each morning 10am -12.30pm 

- Introduction to make-up
- Morphological analysis of the face

- Flash make-up 
- Morphology of the mouth and eyebrow shapes 

- Demonstration of full day make-up + liner 

- Make-up relooking- change from day to night
- Sophisticated make-up (evening)

- Glow" complexion technique
- Brow lift" technique fluffy brows

Soft glam to Full glam

- Graphic liner ;
- Perfect complexion and shine effects (strobing);
- Smoky technique;

Glamour make-up challenge.

- fun last day challenge?!?

This boot camp will run over 3 mornings


No model is needed.


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